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  Hors D'oeuvres...Indulge!
Nothing gets a party going like a unique selection of tasty hors d'oeuvres. Choose from a wide variety of dishes listed below.
(Priced per dozen)
Bacon Wrapped Water Chestnuts Crescent Pastries: (filled with your choice of ham,
Black Bean Quesadillas   turkey, crab, mushroom or chicken)
Mesquite Chicken Quesadillas Meatballs with sauce: (sweet & sour, sour
Chicken Dijon Triangles   cream & dill, BBQ)
Chinese Chicken Wings Mini Quiche
Spicy Buffalo Wings Stuffed Mushrooms: (walnut & cheese, pesto,
Crab Triangles   mushroom, cheesy bacon, sausage, spinach or
      sour cream & dill)
(Priced per dozen)  
Baked Squares: (artichoke, mushroom or Fruit Kebobs with vanilla mint yogurt
  zucchini) Honeyed Bacon Knots
Beef Kebobs with sauce Rqw Vegetables stuffed with herb & garlic cheese
Chicken Kebobs: (cajun with spicy mustard Rolled or layered sandwiches with flavored cream
or oriental with peaunit sauce)   cheese
Tortellini kebobs Rolled or layered sandwiches with meat
Tuna Kebobs with peanut sauce Tortilla Rolls : (your choice of mushroom, sun dried
Cream Puffs: (filled with choice of crab, ham tomato, Mediterranean, Mexican or turkey,
  or chicken salad) pastrami, beef or ham)
    Wonton cups with chipotle shrimp salad
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